James H. Lyons

Tarot Reader

I am an intuitive, queer tarot reader and spiritual student. I read for guidance on all aspects of relationships, health, wealth and happiness, and I especially enjoy using the tarot as a guide on journeys of inner knowledge, spiritual development, gender exploration, and self love.


I'm also an artist, nutritionist, and amateur astrologer. I hold a Bachelor of Health Science in nutritional medicine, and believe that all beauty in this world comes from a melding of science and magic. Tarot forms a bridge between the thinking mind and the subconscious, creates a doorway between the mundane and the miraculous, and reveals a chance for deeper connection.

Tarot Readings with James

I'm a positive, welcoming and practical-focused reader. I give no-nonsense advice and read the cards as they land – no sugar-coating, but with an emphasis on empowerment, problem-solving, and compassion.


I find that the most accurate readings occur when both questioner (that's you) and reader (little ol' me) are fully present. This allows me to connect with your energy and Guides and, most importantly, invites you to experience the unfolding of information as it arises, and to ask any questions that follow. Therefore, I only read tarot in real time (i.e. I don't provide written reports). We can meet over Skype, zoom, phone or in person.


“As soon as I sat down you had such a wonderful energy that put me fully at ease and your reading was so vibrant. I left that day feeling peace in my soul and on top of the world. Thank you so much.”

Belinda R., Sydney

"It was so powerful to have you lay out my situation so plainly. You really blew my mind open to the possibilities in my life, and in such a positive way. Thank you James, looking forward to next time."

Greg T., Sydney


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30 Minute Reading


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• In-depth love questions

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Deep Dive

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While I strongly believe that the tarot is a helpful guiding force, tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as expert advice. I accept no liability for consequences of decisions made following a reading.

Terms & Conditions

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