Kitty Jones

Who am I?

I’m a full time earth sign hailing from the rainy dales of Yorkshire. I've been reading tarot for nearly a decade and began reading professionally in 2018 - at a rave no less! My passion for deciphering the will of the universe is matched only by my obsession with my cat.

I am deeply honoured to have the opportunity to connect with so many people over tarot. Although I consider reading tarot to be a sacred ritual, my readings are often full of laughter. There is something about communing with the universe essentially guided by Cosmic Pictionary 

that never fails to put a smile on my face!

I appreciate reading for people one-on-one, at the many markets Sydney Tarot Tent attends and also at corporate functions and events. I was very lucky to spend NYE 2018 reading at Harborpalooza in The Royal Botanical Gardens.

My Philosophy

Life is a spiral path. Tarot can be our roadmap.


The way is not always clear. We’re afraid to be hurt, we’re afraid to live in our truth, or we’re struggling to find balance. When we find ourselves bogged down indecision and uncertainty, we can become unsure of our true motivations and subconscious desires. We require guidance.

Tarot gives us a ritual of intention; a ritual of tuning in, a tool for finding meaning.

A Tarot reading can point out the way to our highest good - sometimes encouraging us to move with the courage and purpose of warriors, sometimes calling us to pause and turn inwards, or simply stop and smell the roses. You may be moved to give with fearless generosity or to honour and care for your own unmet needs. You may find that you are inspired to express yourself more fully in joyful optimism or come to terms with long held fear and grief.


Tarot reminds us again and again that this life cycles through endless beginnings and endings. This can foster the courage we need to embrace each experience as an opportunity for personal growth.


You can book a private reading with me at my home studio in Erskineville via


ohsorevealing [at] gmail [dot] com

Online bookings for

private readings coming soon!

My Approach

My intention is to approach each individual from a place of non-judgement and compassion. I meditate regularly in order to get my personality and opinions out of the way so that I may act as a conduit for and translator of the messages of the tarot.


I’m also lucky enough to have lived a life full of experiences and challenges, so you’ll find me understanding and celebratory of diverse lived experience. I particularly value the work that I do with LGBTIQ folks and other marginalised communities.


My heart has always belonged to the embodiment of our potential, honouring our intuition, living out our dreams, acting in alignment with our personal ethics.


When I began reading tarot, it was a tool for me to tune in to the voice of my intuition. It is now my great honour to assist you in deciphering the messages that the still quiet voice of the universe is whispering to you.


“I had approached Kitty with trepidation. I hadn’t had my tarot read before and to be honest I thought it would lead me toward something catastrophic. Kitty’s reading not only changed my view and understanding of tarot but also gave me the clarity I needed around my question. It then allowed me to make the practical and meaningful changes that were necessary for change”


"Hey lovely! THANK YOU so much! You really pieced together thoughts I had scattered throughout my mind and body, which I knew but they were all confused and hidden or pushed away. So THANK YOU for reading me for filth, in a good way though, bringing forward the things I was hiding from myself. And yeah bringing me that clarity in like 15mins!"


“Over the years, Kitty and her cards have given me readings about relationship breakdowns, parties, threesomes and addiction… all while very gently nudging me in the direction of what I’ve been put on this planet to do. I love the way readings with Kitty are hilarious and practical, at the same time as tapping into the magic of the universe. Whatever it is that you’re uncertain about, you couldn’t be in safer or warmer hands.”